Owings Mills, Jr.?

Hi.  This article was first published in the Carroll County Times on November 30.  If you prefer to read that version, just  click on this link.  Otherwise, here goes…   According to Google Maps, the distance from Eldersburg to 10300 Mill Run Circle in Owings Mills is 10.5 miles. More or a less a straight […] Continue reading →

Every dollar counts.

Every dollar counts. Thanksgiving, November 23, 2017 To make sure local government is paying attention to the concerns of the people it serves, EvenBetterPlaces.org conducts online surveys – like the one we’re now running about high density residential and large store commercial development in Carroll County, Maryland. Honestly, the issues we address are important enough […] Continue reading →

The Freedom Community Survey About High Density Residential and Large Store Commercial Development

High density residential development and large, “Big Box” store commercialization can reduce the market value of your home, increase traffic and, in other ways, adversely affect the quality of life in your community. The objective of this survey is to find what you think about these development strategies were they to be implemented where you […] Continue reading →

Approving a pig in a poke.

Maybe, just maybe the current version of the Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan isn’t quite ready for prime time. The Board of Commissioners is considering whether or not to approve the Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan developed by the County’s Planning Department and endorsed by the Planning and Zoning Commission. Among others, the Plan includes three new […] Continue reading →

Two too many degrees of freedom.

“Degrees of freedom” is a mathematical term for the number of factors that affect a given outcome. “Oh geez. Is there going to be quiz at the end of this article?” No. Don’t worry. This is a pass-fail post and you’ve already passed just by showing up and reading it. Having too many degrees of […] Continue reading →

To Incorporate Or Not To Incorporate?

Are you feeling threatened by a Comprehensive Plan that would increase residential density and encourage large, “Big Box Store” commercialization in Eldersburg? Does it seem like the County’s planners are going to do what they want to the community where you live – whether you like it or not? That’s not the way it is […] Continue reading →

Eldersburg Town Hall Meeting Update

Long story short… Hi. The issue on the table is the Planning Department’s reliance upon Big Box Store commercialization in Eldersburg as a means for growing Carroll County. They should be concentrating on bringing business and manufacturing employers to the County, but commercialization is much easier and faster. Economic development should be a three legged […] Continue reading →

The Eldersburg Big Box Store Simple Survey

The question is, “Are you okay with re-zoning 1503 Liberty Road for individual store sizes larger than 100,000 SF?” Hi. As you may already know, recent efforts to pass a text amendment that would increase maximum individual store size on all B-NR (Business – Neighborhood Retail) zoned property, countywide, from 10,000 SF to 50,000 SF […] Continue reading →