Comparison of the 6 Democratic City Council Candidates Running in District 1

The link below will show you a printable PDF table comparing the platforms of Democratic City Council candidates running in District 1. Here’s another link to a map of the Council Districts. District 1 is in the lower right corner running along the water. If you don’t know the number of the District where you live, use this link to enter your address and the Council’s website will tell you.

Comparison of Democratic District 1 Candidates for Mayor – February 28, 2016

We’ll be publishing similar tables for the other 13 districts as quickly as we can.

This third link will show you our all-candidates, all-districts list, from the article entitled “Running For Baltimore City Council.”

  • The last election for City Council was in 2011. The Mayor and City Council elected then were allowed 5 year terms, one time only, to move their races to the Presidential election cycle.
  • A total of only 3526 votes were cast, 2357 for the winner, Councilman James Kraft who is not running for re-election. So there’s no incumbent. That was in 2011. Current Democratic voter registration in the District 1 is 15,955.
  • Of the 6 people running, 3 of them – Cohen, Edelson and Goldman – have raised substantial money, atypically high for someone running for City Council. Round numbers, they’ve raised $100,000, $90,000 and $109,000 respectively.

If you’ll skim down our all-candidates, all-districts list to look at money raised by candidates throughout the city, you’ll notice that only 2 other candidates – Brian Hammock in the 4th ($101,000), incumbent Eric Reisinger in the 10th ($90,000) and incumbent Eric Costello in the 11th ($96,000) – come anywhere close. That’s out of 79 total Democrats running across all 14 districts. More normal fundraising for Council candidates is between $20,000 and $50,000. Anything more than $50,000 makes you wonder what the candidate is going to do with all that money.

District 1 Screenshot for Featured Image 022916Back to the table comparing the candidates… One of the candidates, Sean Flanagan, the former head of the Canton Community Association, hasn’t released his platform yet. We’ll update our table when his website goes online. Until then, the other 5 candidates have a lot to say. There are platform points in common, but also significant differences that we’ll leave it to you to discover for yourself.

We hope these notes are helpful. Here, again, is the link to our table comparing the District 1 candidates…

Comparison of Democratic District 1 Candidates for Mayor – February 28, 2016

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