The Freedom Community Survey About High Density Residential and Large Store Commercial Development

High density residential development and large, “Big Box” store commercialization can reduce the market value of your home, increase traffic and, in other ways, adversely affect the quality of life in your community.

The objective of this survey is to find what you think about these development strategies were they to be implemented where you live.  Results of the survey – in summary format that doesn’t identify your specific responses – will then be given to County planners and Commissioners to influence the specifics of the Comprehensive Plan on which they are now working.

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All questions are closed-end (multiple choice). Despite the number of questions, filling out the questionnaire should only take 3 to 5 minutes – well worth the time given the potential effects of new zoning on your property values, traffic and other quality of life concerns.

Thanks for your participation!  As you’ll see in the last question, $1 will be given to your choice among 5 major charities when you complete and submit your questionnaire.



The Carroll County Board of Commissioners recently sent the Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan back to the County’s Planning Department and the Planning and Zoning Commission for additional work.

The objective of the Plan – and of the new zoning that it recommends – is to grow the population of Carroll County which has been flat for more than a decade. More people living in the County will increase the County’s tax base. The question is, what should high density, “affordable” housing and large store (retail) commercialization have to do with it?


The purpose of this survey is to collect the opinions of 1000 or more Carroll County residents.  1000 is a lot of people taking a survey. Thank you for participating. Please do your best to encourage other residents to step up and let the County know what they think. When we’re done, responses will be publicized with the hope that the results, whatever they may be, will influence revisions to the Comprehensive Plan for everyone’s benefit.

So here we go… Just a relatively few, easy-to-answer questions. To participate, you’ll need to leave your first name, last name initial and address,  No matter what, we won’t be sharing your survey responses with anyone. Your first name, last name initial and address are necessary to convince the County Commissioners that our survey responses are real.

Each person 18 or older in your household should answer separately.

Thanks. Here goes.


The survey.

The Freedom Community Survey About
High Density Residential And Large Store Commercial Development

The Freedom Community Survey About
High Density Residential And Large Store Commercial Development

Please note...

Hi. This survey is a service of – "Helping to make America's communities even better places to live and work."

Fields with an asterisk after them are required. Respondent data will be released in summary format. Your specific information and responses will be held in strict confidence.

Instead of hitting your "Return" or "Tab," please use your cursor to move between fields.

This is a serious and very important questionnaire. It should take you between 5 and 10 minutes. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Respondent Information

You can give us your entire name if you like, but we only need the first letter.
Enter 2 character state abbreviation.
Email addresses are optional. If you give us your email address, we'll do our best to keep you up to date about Comprehensive Plan and zoning developments having to do with this survey.
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High Density ("Affordable") Residential Development

Large Store Commercial (Retail) Development

Development Choices


There are costs and benefits associated with becoming an incorporated town. The principal costs have to do with the management of local government and, in particular, providing and/or contracting for public services. Taxes may or may not be higher. Among the benefits of incorporation is that Incorporated communities in Carroll County write their own comprehensive plans and determine their own zoning maps.

Changing the Form of County Government

Carroll County is one of only three remaining counties in Maryland that have a commissioner form of government. Carroll County has a Board of Commissioners, the authority of which is limited by State Law. It has no county charter or County Executive.

A charter county government would be largely independent of control by the state legislature, would have a County Executive in charge of the administrative branch of county government and a County Council that will be the legislative branch.


This field is optional.

That's it!

Scroll up to check your responses if you like. When you're done, press the "Submit" button below. Results of the survey will be summarized and then shared, in summary form only, with the Board of Commissioners, the Planning and Zoning Commission, senior management of the County's Planning and Economic Development Departments and with the Carroll County Times.

Before you leave, please select one of the charities below to which we will make a $1 contribution as our way of thanking you for your participation.

Thank you very much for participating in our survey. Please encourage as many other Carroll County residents as you can to take this important survey.
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9 thoughts on “The Freedom Community Survey About High Density Residential and Large Store Commercial Development

  1. Eric H Messerschmidt says:

    Better infrastructure; I live west of town and the traffic out here at rush hour is just nuts.. I moved out here to get away from traffic; everyone commuting to Baltimore and the DC area from the north & west now uses Route 27, 94, 97 and 32 to get south and east in the AM and home in the PM. All of these roads are 2 lane country roads; at least two of them need to be made 4 lane divided highway, before any more development takes place. And of course the same goes for Rt 26 from Frederick to I-695. The roads always have to catch up to the development, how about we do it right for once.

    • These are State roads. The County is beholding to what the State will do.

      • Hi. Thank you for your comment.

        Routes 32 (Sykesville Road) and 26 (Liberty Road) are State roads, but the State has resources and is more than willing to work with County planners to make sure there is enough capacity to accommodate growth. The County should pick up the phone and give the State a call – and put the necessary roadway improvements, other infrastructure and services in place before it rezones for additional residential and commercial development.

  2. I think Eldersburg needs a true town square/plaza- a centrally located open space for public gatherings and events. Town squares bring residents together at the heart of the community for entertainment like festivals and concerts, for commerce like farmers markets and crafts fairs, for education like demonstrations and workshops, for public health events like mobile clinics and seminars, for personal enrichment like pet adoptions and community enrichment like holiday celebrations. Trees, a fountain, a gazebo, a statue, park benches- whatever it is — an open place to gather that captures the great spirit and people of our beautiful community. Something that says “This is a nice place to visit, but it’s even nicer to live here!”

    • Sounds nice, Sarah. Really nice, but I don’t think it’s what the County’s planners have in mind.

      The “Freedom’s Vision Statement” that is supposed to drive the 2017 Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan reads like this…

      “Freedom is a safe, close-knit community where open spaces, natural preserves and heritage characterize and connect neighborhoods, and support a vibrant central business and commercial core which resonates with the community identify, sense of place and quality of life.”

      Sounds a lot like what you have in mind – and not at all consistent with the large store (“big box”) commercial development the County’s planners are pushing.

  3. Aleksandr Sukhitskiy says:

    The biggest and still growing problem in Eldersburg are the roads. There is actually one road only – Liberty Rd.

  4. We need more Senior accommodations.

    • Hi. Thanks for your comment. Can you be more specific about what you mean by “more Senior accommodations”? Residential developments for people 55 and older? Publicly-funded recreational facilities for Seniors?

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