About Us

We’re an independent, non-profit organization helping America’s communities become even better places to live and work.

We believe in the power of intelligent, responsible, creative economic development that complements established commerce rather than just competing with with it.  Development that improves a local economy and benefits the community in other ways rather than succeeding at the expense of existing business.

Sometimes, new stores, offices and homes improve a community by offering substantially better products, services and facilities,  These beneficial development projects can reinvigorate a local economy and provide support for education, health services and many other social programs that a less successful community couldn’t support.  That’s all good and exactly what we want.

On the other hand, development without growth has nothing to offer and isn’t a solution to any problem, economic or otherwise.

And we believe in helping people in neighborhoods and larger communities, in small towns and big cities as well, express their concerns and work more effectively with local government and elected officials.

Most importantly, we believe that people paying attention and working together can have a very profound influence on the quality of life for their families, friends and neighborhoods – and that we’ll all be the better for it.

Thanks for stopping by.  Don’t ever hesitate to leave a comment, call or email us if there is anything you’d like to talk about.

Welcome to our website and program.

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