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“Grand Theft Retail”

An ordinary big box strip center on the Owings Mills Mall property? Anchored by a Walmart Supercenter – that will close the Supercenter on Liberty Road and the Walmart/Sam’s Club on Reisterstown Road? Both of them. Nicer brick maybe and some extra trees and bushes here and there in the huge parking lot? Sure, but […] Continue reading →

Vacant Buildings in Baltimore’s District 1

As part of our limited series of posts to help residents of Baltimore’s Council District 1 choose between Democrat Zeke Cohen and Republican Matt McDaniel in the forthcoming general election, both candidates and voters might want to consider the enclosed map of vacant buildings. This map, based on data provided by the city, enables you […] Continue reading →

District 1 Crime Maps

For those of our followers who are paying special attention to the District 1 general election contest between Democrat Zeke Cohen and Republican Matt McDaniel, we’ve created crime maps that show the District’s boundaries overlaid onto the crime maps we developed for the entire city.  (Citywide crime maps are available elsewhere on our website, through […] Continue reading →

The truth about raising the minimum wage.

So why is an organization like Baltimore Rising whose primary objective is reducing unemployment and poverty in the City adamantly opposed to raising the minimum wage to $15? The answer is simple. We’re good guys alright, but there’s nothing nice about us. Nice people do nice things for other people. And that’s, well, “nice.” We […] Continue reading →

Stealing Business – Kimco’s Unimaginative Redevelopment Plan For Its Owings Mills Mall Property

As you know, if you’ve been following Baltimore Rising, we’re doing our best to encourage all-inclusive economic development that will, sooner rather than later, dramatically reduce unemployment and poverty in the City of Baltimore. That’s still our objective, but we all know that the fortunes of great cities like Baltimore are not independent of their […] Continue reading →

JOB$ Creative Financing…

…It’s the big reason why you should talk to Baltimore Rising about getting the money you need to grow your business. By “your business,” we’re talking about the one you want to locate in Baltimore’s neighborhoods that are what we like to call “Opportunity’s New Frontier.” Click on the link we just gave you see a […] Continue reading →