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Baltimore’s New Frontier

Free land. No property taxes. Abundant, affordable labor. Customers who spend just about every dollar they make. Financing, if you need it. In the perfect location to do business across the country and around the world. Baltimore’s disadvantaged neighborhoods are every entrepreneur’s teenage dream. Candidates are fond of talking about “Change.” It’s an understandable reaction […] Continue reading →

Guaranteed More Effective Government

Hey.  Roughly a quarter of the city’s population – round numbers, more than 150,000 parents and their children and a good number of older folks too – are in families making less than the official poverty level. If that isn’t the city’s highest priority, we don’t know what is. On behalf of these families, we […] Continue reading →

Housing or Jobs?

As you may have heard, the state and city will be spending substantial millions of dollars over the next few years to demolish vacant houses in the sections of the city that suffer from urban blight. No doubt about it, vacant housing is a serious problem. It’s not just a visual thing. There are community […] Continue reading →

Chapter 3: The $97,336 discrepancy.

A hundred thousand dollars here, a hundred thousand dollars there. Pretty soon, you’re talking serious money. Speaking of serious things, this is one of our more technical pieces. It has to be given the subject matter.  If numbers give you a headache or put you to sleep, feel free to skip ahead to the last […] Continue reading →

Thousands of jobs. Now. Right now.

Jobs.   Our city’s disadvantaged neighborhoods need thousands of jobs for the unemployed. And thousands more higher-paying jobs for people who are working, but not earning enough. To help attract employers to these neighborhoods, we need a Mayor they will respect. Of the 6 leading candidates for Mayor, only one of them is a convicted criminal who pled guilty […] Continue reading →

Completely Unrealistic

It’s a simple question:  You make $58,000 a year.  Would you be willing to move your family from the suburbs to the city for $69 per month? According to a January 29, 2016 article in the Sun, legislators in Annapolis will be approving Mayor Rawlings-Blake’s request to use property tax credits to convince the majority […] Continue reading →

Arrests at Baltimore Schools

It comes as no surprise that there is crime happening inside and on the grounds of our city’s schools. That’s obviously a bad thing that affects not only the people perpetrating these crimes and their victims, but everyone – students, faculty and administrators – at the schools where these crimes occur. It’s a particularly difficult […] Continue reading →

Ghost Students

There was an article by Erica Green published in the Saturday, January 30 edition of the Sun, entitled “Baltimore schools lose hundreds of students, millions in funding.” The gist of this article is that it has been discovered that the city’s schools have been over counting the collective student body by roughly 1900 students. By […] Continue reading →