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Jobs and the cars you need to get to them. If you live in the city of Baltimore, you may have noticed that getting to work can be a very time-consuming, somewhat uncertain process. Commuting by bus can take a while, particularly if you have change lines, and reliability can also be problem. The Governor […] Continue reading →

No Reason To Wait

No guarantees, of course, but we can help qualified employers get $100,000 to $10 million for construction and operations in selected Baltimore Neighborhoods. Baltimore Rising is working on legislation that will give employers free city-owned lots and buildings in selected neighborhoods with no property taxes for at least 5 years. The objective is to encourage […] Continue reading →

Urban Blight?

In Sandtown yesterday, Governor Hogan with Mayor Rawlings-Blake announced an impressive $700 million program called CORE. CORE stands for Creating Opportunities for Renewal and Enterprise. The link will take you to the official press release. The idea is that a good number of selected vacant and abandoned structures in the city’s disadvantaged neighborhoods will be […] Continue reading →

Reality Check: Lowering Property Taxes

Candidate for Mayor Nick Mosby has just today published a paper called “Connecting The Dots, A 15 Point plan for Baltimore’s Future.” It’s his platform statement. Item 6 is about lowering property taxes and other housing-related objectives. To quote from page 6 of his document, We will make Baltimore more livable by lowering the City’s […] Continue reading →

Missing The Point

The screenshot below is the opening paragraph from a December 26, 2015, article in the Sun.  It’s a good, highly informative piece by Doug Donovan. Here’s the thing.  Life is short, people need work now and our federal government can’t afford to be waisting money it borrows from China, et al.  If the President and […] Continue reading →


As you may already know, there’s a Baltimore city government program called “Vacants-To-Value.” It’s primary purpose is to encourage people to refurbish and move into vacant property around the city – properties, mostly residential, that the government has taken over. The objective is to turn the huge number of abandoned properties around the city into […] Continue reading →

Eminent Domain

As you may have noticed, we have already posted a map of the 16,885 documented vacant structures in Baltimore. These structures – in addition to the thousands of vacant lots – are a potent tool for attracting desperately needed employers and new residents to the city. To encourage all-inclusive economic growth that will significantly reduce […] Continue reading →

Zoning: What’s the point?

You’ll notice that the featured image for this article about zoning isn’t a map of this or that district plan. It’s people waiting in line for jobs. Whatever jobs they can get. Generally speaking, zoning is a good thing. By controlling how space is allocated for different types of land use – residential, commercial and […] Continue reading →

Technical Problem

A few days ago, we posted an article that talked about the urgent need to study, right now, the economics of the 150,000+ complaints that are filed with “Rent Court” every year – and that result in 7000 evictions annually. It’s a really important study that addresses a very, very significant problem in our city, […] Continue reading →

150,000 Complaints, 7000 Evictions

Those numbers in the title? Particularly the 150,000 in a city of only 620,000 people? They’re huge, aren’t they? They’re the number of rental unit complaints and resulting evictions that The Sun, the Washington Post, The 7000 Families Campaign and others have been talking about. These are problems between individual tenants who reside in Baltimore […] Continue reading →