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Hi.  The easiest way to reach us via email to  Just click on the link we just gave you, send us an email and we should get back to you usually within one business day.


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  1. I would like to see 1 story 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom individual cottages for people over 55 that are affordable, that do not have pools, tennis fields. Not having pools, tennis fields will keep hoa fees down.

  2. Your “survey” was terribly bias. While only the markets have applied, you list many different possibilities for the property, so you can say unfairly say that hardly anyone wants another supermarket. I suspect that this issue is being backed by a coalition of existing markets.

    Aldi and Lidl are terribly popular in Europe because they save shoppers a good bit of money, more than even Walmart. We are really lucky that are considering an Eldersburg location. Please let the free market prevail.

    • Hey. Thank you for stopping by. Whatever the opinions of people who visit our website, they’re always welcome.

      We have nothing against ALDI, LIDL or any other brand grocery store. Our concern is about development that doesn’t involve growth, that succeeds only at the expense of established commerce without stimulating employment, raising household incomes and/or benefiting the community in some other meaningful way.

      In this case, a seventh grocery store adds nothing to the market in terms of products, services or pricing. There’s no population growth for which additional grocery stores are required to meet demand. In fact, a seventh grocery store is probably not the highest and best use for this particular property from the community’s point of view. It may be an easy choice for the property owner, but he/she has other, equally profitable options.

      Honestly, I would agree with your point about letting the free market prevail, if this were a free market situation. But it’s not. Significant real estate projects seldom come about as a result of free market conditions. By definition, major projects require a great deal of capital and, of course, that special property which, by virtue of its size and location, warrants a substantial investment. Big money and special properties are relatively uncommon and convey a significant degree of control to the owners that gives them a non-competitive advantage.

      If this was a free market that was controlling the development of Eldersburg near the intersection of Sykesville and Liberty Roads, would a free market solution be a seventh grocery store? Is that what a free market would think the residents and established businesses of Eldersburg need?

      Thanks again. We may disagree, but please do your best to attend this evening’s meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission in Westminster.

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