Our Desperate Need For Election Reform

Life is short. Let’s get right down to business. Three points… One is that we need to extend the limit on campaign contributions, which is now $6000 per person or entity, to cover the candidates themselves. In the race for Mayor of Baltimore, David Warnock has spent in excess of $1.5 million of his own […] Continue reading →

Major Mayoral Candidate Turnout

New to the city, this primary will be the first time David Warnock has voted for Mayor. The question is, “Have the leading candidates for Mayor been good citizens when it comes to voting?” Take a look at the table below. You’ll have to click on the link to see it. Blow it up if […] Continue reading →

Workforce development is no “Field of Dreams.”

In the market for labor, “Workforce Development” is a supply-side concept. Labor is the product. Employers are the buyers. Without enough employers, there aren’t going to be enough jobs, however well-trained the workforce may be. In Baltimore, the idea is that tens of thousands of unskilled and low-skilled unemployed and under-employed workers will spend months, […] Continue reading →

The 6 Candidate Comparison

In case you’re having problems understanding what this or that candidate for Mayor is all about and picking one that you’ll support, you’re not alone. Some are telling us who they are for the first time. Others are well known and don’t have to worry about name recognition. Some candidates who have the money are […] Continue reading →