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The Freedom Community Survey About High Density Residential and Large Store Commercial Development

High density residential development and large, “Big Box” store commercialization can reduce the market value of your home, increase traffic and, in other ways, adversely affect the quality of life in your community. The objective of this survey is to find what you think about these development strategies were they to be implemented where you […] Continue reading →

Approving a pig in a poke.

Maybe, just maybe the current version of the Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan isn’t quite ready for prime time. The Board of Commissioners is considering whether or not to approve the Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan developed by the County’s Planning Department and endorsed by the Planning and Zoning Commission. Among others, the Plan includes three new […] Continue reading →

Two too many degrees of freedom.

“Degrees of freedom” is a mathematical term for the number of factors that affect a given outcome. “Oh geez. Is there going to be quiz at the end of this article?” No. Don’t worry. This is a pass-fail post and you’ve already passed just by showing up and reading it. Having too many degrees of […] Continue reading →